Golf Cart Batteries - A Complete Guide

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Did you know, whereas golf cart batteries work equally to a automotive’s battery, their upkeep, requirements, and standards are completely different.  Research indicates it isn't a clever choice to govern automotive batteries to fit into a golf cart.

Buyer beware, when you’re looking for a replacement battery pack in your cart, it’s important to pay attention to the completely different requirements utilized by totally different manufacturers. At greatest, the failure of being aware of those factors may mean that you just’ve spent your money on a battery that's not compatible. At worst, you might be making a hazard.

Let’s take a look at the operation, upkeep, and care required for these kind of batteries.

A Guide to Golf Cart Batteries: Description and Voltage

Golf carts function with a series of batteries that, together, are designed to supply a sufficient voltage and amperage. Due to these components, the size and power requirements will be essential when buying replacement batteries. Outside of specialty carts, most carts operate on a 36V or 48V normal and wish a series of cells to produce enough energy.

When it comes to purchasing a battery, it’s essential to notice that you simply aren’t powering your cart with a single battery. Instead, you will need a mix of 6V, 8V, or 12V batteries. To ensure efficient and protected move-via of energy, you will want to take care of a regular.

For example, when you own a 36V cart that requires a pair of 6v batteries, it’s important to make use of that same mixture when discovering a substitute. While you'll be able to “upgrade” batteries, it’s not for the faint of heart. Also, you run the danger of ruining your cart. Adhering to the manufacturing commonplace will ensure safety. Check out the link, sourcing high quality and security lithium ion battery brand.

Understanding Voltage and Battery Configurations

Two main electrical portions it would be best to concentrate on when changing batteries are voltage and current. Voltage is measured in volts, or “V,” and Current is measured in amps, or “A.”

While these terms could be complicated, voltage and current can be defined with a simple analogy: in a system of water pipes, voltage is equal to water stress, and current is equal to the move rate.

Understanding how volts and amps translate when utilized to golf carts could appear complicated, but merely the Voltage in a battery pack is how a lot energy it could possibly exert. It’s comparable to the horsepower in a vehicle.

With this information, a 48V battery can be more powerful than a 36V pack. The operative word, however, is “can”. While the potential is there for a 48V battery pack to be more highly effective than a 36V, the controller is what will decide delivered amps throughout operation.

Let’s now flip our consideration to the battery’s ampere or amps.

Amperage is akin to a gas tank in a car. Amps will decide how far the cart travels, and for the way lengthy, on a single charge. The extra amps a battery generates, the further you’ll be able to drive.

If you take your cart out for prolonged durations, this can be problematic.  If you're extra thinking about a responsive experience, then you definitely’ll focus more on the voltage – however, you may not have the ability to travel as far. For those who want to bump up the speed, volts will be the focus. For those that need extra prolonged and leisure rides, amperage will be the focus.

Your electrical cart will accommodate either 6, 8, or 12V batteries. Its volt electrical drive system will have a 36V or 48V system.

If you are not in a position to decide if it’s a 36V or a 48V electrical drive system, lift the cart seat so you can bring the battery compartment into view. You will have the ability to see three, four, or 6 holes. By multiplying these holes by two, you will decide the battery’s voltage. Multiply this quantity by the total number of batteries put in in your golf cart.

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