7 Steps to Replace Your Refrigerator Micro Switches

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If you know how to carry out primary repairs, you can make your home equipment last much longer, which may save you some huge cash. In this text, we are going to allow you to replace your fridge micro switch. In the start, it is probably not easy so that you can replace the unit. However, when you observe the steps given beneath, you can see it a lot easier to perform the replacement.

Get the Tools you Need

- Duct tape
- Putty knife
- Flat blade screwdriver
- Micro switch

Disconnect the Power

Before you work on any type of electrical equipment, ensure you disconnect the facility provide first. It is necessary for your security and the protection of everybody round you. So, ensure you have disconnected the facility supply.

Take off the Drip Tray

Your next step is to remove the drip tray. This half is positioned on the backside of the unit. You can use duct tape to be able to defend the end. Next, you must put the putty knife below the escutcheon and then pull it down and out so as to separate it.

You will see that it's related to different spots. Therefore, you need to start at the backside and pull it out by tilting it first.

After the drip tray has been removed, you will discover the 5-pin plug. This is a element that is a power source for the switches. All you should do is disconnect the plug and put it aside earlier than following the subsequent step.

Remove the Old Micro-Switch

Now you'll be able to entry the micro switch. They shall be fastened with the help of plastic tabs and hooks. First of all, you should pull the hook and set it aside. Once you could have removed the switch, you possibly can easily pull it. You can use a flat blade screwdriver to take away the wire connector. This is the old micro switch that you need to exchange.

Install the New Switch

Now you should follow all of the previous steps in reverse. You can get the brand new switch and connect it to the wire connector. It must be correctly fastened. Now, you possibly can rotate it into the place whereas lining up the diagonal holes with the plastic posts. Next, you may need to push it

over in order to repair the locking caps. Lastly, you should do every thing to ensure all the wires are out of the way in which.

Reconnect the Switches

Once you've changed the micro switch, you can reconnect the connector. Make sure that the locking tab is in place. Next, you should elevate it in order to guarantee it's over the dispenser housing. You can then faucet it to ensure it is locked in place.

Finish Up

Once you could have installed the new switch and reconnected the ability, your ultimate step is to exchange the drip tray.

So, these are just some simple steps that you could observe to be able to replace your fridge micro switch.

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